Thursday, March 10, 2011

Now in Calgary

Black Poppies, 16" x 16"

I have just wrapped up the last painting for a shipment of five works to Calgary. That's right folks, I am now represented by Wallace Galleries in Calgary so check out their website @ It may be a while before any images of my work appear online but I do see my name listed for a show opening March 23, 2011! I have two more works in progess which I have yet to send.

I will also be sending several new smaller works to Sopa Fine Arts in Kelowna in time for their annual U8 exhibit. All works must be under $800.00 in order to take part.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Kristine! My name is Erica and I grew up in Shawnigan Lake admiring your paintings!! I was wondering if you had a collection of pictures of all of your art! I have an insatiable need to see the hoola hoop art (i think thats what it was called.. i just remember the vivid pink with the hoops :) hah) and the painting you did that was all gray and looked like either 3 moons or 3 round lamps surrounded by fog... I would just love to be able to see all of your work :). Thanks Kristine!