Thursday, March 29, 2012

Anthony White Artwork, "The Money Series"

I don't know quite how I came across Anthony White Artwork, but I have recently discovered this Australian artist with an attitude very similar to that of my friend Jimmy Wright (who passed away in 2008). I don't agree with all of Mr. White's opinions (as I often didn't with Jimmy's) regarding the world of conceptual art, but I did find it all a very entertaining and thought provoking read. Since you might enjoy it, too, check out Anthony White's Guide to Conceptual Art. I also like the idea behind his in-your-face "Money Series" (again very Jimmy) and, as I wrote in my recent newsletter, if I had an extra $176 kicking around for fun, I would probably purchase this next painting in the series.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Nobody Special by nobody special

Have you heard of It's this great place where you can create your own books: coffee table books, portfolios, children's picture books, and more. Well, I wrote this slightly humorous, tongue-in-cheek fable, Nobody Special, which is now available in 7" x 7" hard or softcover format if you want to actually own one in print (and are not put off by the exorbitant shipping cost); however, I have made the story available so that it can be read entirely online for free. Why? Because in today's world, we all need something to help us sleep better at night, and I don't believe in pharmaceuticals.

It's Almost That Time Again

I have just put the last coat of varnish on "3SUM," a small three panel piece for U8. You can see it in the Abstract Portfolia of my website. Each panel is 10" x 10" but because it turned out so well (and I do love it!), I decided it will be a study for a much larger triptych.