Friday, October 8, 2010

3rd Annual Under the Red Umbrella

Is it really almost that time again? I thought I was done with shows for awhile; however, this does give me the opportunity to rework one of the pieces from The Fates—now I know why the real Fates didn't leave me time to varnish it. Below is the painting as it looks now, followed by what I am hoping it will look like when it is finished...for real this time.

Dontcha just love Adobe Photoshop....

I know some of you really liked the softness of the original, but I'm going for drama. If you want to see whether or not it turns out (please don't bring this picture to compare, I can't handle the pressure), then come experience the third annual Under the Red Umbrella on Thursday evening, October 21. It all takes place on lower Craig and Kenneth Streets in Duncan. Eat, drink and be shopping, surrounded by incredible works of art. Just like old times, Coco and I will happily be ensconced with our paintings at Fatima's Bistro 161.

Cardino's on Craig has joined the stroll and will be featuring a new collage artist;
Embellish once again plays host to Pipi, Chantey, Crystal and Jill; and Fabrications will feature new works by Kris Kearns.

The fun begins at 5:30. It is up to you where you start your stroll, but I would definitely finish at (or come back to) the bistro where Fatima will have laid out—as only she can—a tapas buffet, available at 8:00 pm for just $15.00 per person...yummmm!

Repeat after me: I don't need to deserve it—I deserve to need it!