Monday, September 15, 2008

Monitoring Paintings...aaaauuuuggghhh!!

The other day at a friend's house, I decide to show her my new web site; slightly fresher look and newer images, only to discover that the images are not quite representational of the actual paintings: colours & contrast are off slightly. As you can imagine, even a little shift in hue and/or chroma makes a HUGE difference to a work of art. I use Adobe Photoshop to adjust images taken with my digital camera — brightness & contrast, hue & saturation — and I can usually get them spot on to the actual paintings. But I have an old monitor, not a flat LCD or plasma or whatever they are called (apparently these are now highly sought by graphic designers because the new ones are crap). Computers are not my thing and I am waaaayyyyyyy behind with technology; but then who can keep up, not that I even want to. I don't even have a cell phone...OMG! Anyway, the whole point of this is to let you know that the paintings are much warmer (less cyan/magenta) than they actually look on screen. Take "Leap of Faith" for instance; the colour on the new pale monitors has a cool green-blue cast but should be warmer with more soft pinks and yellows and, in reality, "Cape Scott" is a softer, more greyed french ultra blue. So... from now on when visiting my site you must all wear your rose coloured glasses.