Saturday, August 2, 2014

Almost Time to Query

As you can see, it's been well over a year since my last post. I forget that, while I have sent out several newsletters, I really need to keep things current on my website.

My excuse? I have been busy writing a book, titled The Eating Club. The image to the right is my working cover for this hefty tome, which comes in at 147,000 words, give or take a the, and 474 pages. After completing the "shitty first draft" as Anne Lamott would call it, I then began the arduous process of editing...and editing...and further editing.

Still editing.

However (I'm told one should never began a sentence with however), I am almost done and will soon begin the crippling process of querying. Several optimists have asked if I will self-publish once I have received my 100th rejection letter.

Ask me after 101.

Unfortunately, this has left little time for anything else, not even painting, although I did manage a piece, Don't Forget To Write,for this year's Sooke Fine Arts show, and am working on another for the Sidney show, which juries in September.

* view in Abstract section of my website. And thank God it sold; all this time spent writing does not a bank account fill.

My Draft Pitch

Move over Ya-Yas and young girls in traveling pants. 
Make way for the women of Canada's West Coast. 

They laugh louder than a loco Ono,
shoot tequila faster than a speeding BMW, and
can clear a room in a single belch. 

Meet Kate, Abby, Hadley,
Giordana, and Clare

Kate, the closet Christian, whose favorite word is [four letters]
and favorite men are gay. 

Abby, who believes her breadbox is the Oracle of Weight Loss and
Cheez Whiz is the answer to everything. 

Hadley, armed and ready for any occasion,
she’s packing shots of tequila and a shaker of salt. 

Giordana "Gee" for guileless, the object of a wrong man's affection. 

And Clare, who gets away with murder. 

They're funny, they’re fabulous...and oddly familiar. 

These are the members of 

The Eating Club

A debut novel by Kristine Paton